PeopleSoft 9.0 Hard Drive Space

Here is a list of the directories on my PeopleSoft 9.0 HRMS image and their sizes. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of the hard drive space required to install PeopleSoft 9.0 should you want to do something similar.

c:\ 22.2 GB used / 2.75 GB free = 24.9 GB total
  c:\bea = 176 MB
    c:\bea\jre142 = 40.0 MB
    c:\bea\Tuxedo9.1 = 135MB
  c:\Documents and Settings = 598 MB
  c:\install = 1.72 GB
  c:\NetExpressRuntime = 1.38 MB
  c:\oracle = 2.67 GB
    c:\oracle\appserv10g = 738 MB
    c:\oracle\oradata = 1.46 GB
  c:\Program Files = 529 MB
  c:\ps = 303 MB
  c:\psca = 91.6 MB
  c:\pshome = 10.6 GB
    c:\pshome\hcm90\bin = 296 MB
    c:\pshome\hcm90\data = 3.78 GB
    c:\pshome\hcm90\projects = 2.70 GB
    c:\pshome\hcm90\setup = 855 MB
    c:\pshome\hcm90\src = 225 MB
    c:\pshome\hcm90\verity = 2.07 GB
  c:\windows = 2.7 GB
e:\ 63.6 GB used / 16.3 GB free = 79.9 GB total
  e:\oradata\hcm90\PSINDEX.DBF = 23.4 GB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\PSINDEX2.DBF = 23.4 GB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\PSIMAGE.DBF = 2.04 GB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\SYSTEM01.DBF = 2.04 GB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\GPAPP.DBF = 21.94 GB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\TLWORK.DBF = 1.24 GB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\HRLARGE.DBF = 942 MB
  e:\oradata\hcm90\TLAPP.DBF = 800 MB

2 Responses to “PeopleSoft 9.0 Hard Drive Space”

  1. cblancas Says:

    wow, what if all i want is a demo installation for learning purposes? can you tell me how long it takes if use the database creation wizard? seems like it was hanging therefore i cancel the process after seeing nothing happening over 30 minutes..

  2. digitaleagle Says:


    I wish I had a better answer for you. Even a simple demo installation is no trivial matter.

    I don’t remember ever timing the database creation wizard, but I am pretty sure it takes longer than 30 minutes. I would guess several hours at the least. It is something that you let run overnight and hope that it is done when you come back in the morning.

    Also, what kind of hardware are you using. PeopleSoft is very resource intensive — we are running inside of VMWare (which takes some overhead), but we have 2Gb of RAM. Even so, it is still a little slow.

    Hope that helps,


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