PeopleCode Decoder

Ok, I have seen this several places, but I have link it here too:  A java program has been written that will read PeopleCode from a PeopleSoft database.

Download it here

Here are the blogs where I have seen this

PeopleSoft/Oracle Tips (describes how to compile it)

PeopleSoft Pros (I think this is where I first saw it)


David L. Price’s Blog

It looks like the program was created with information from PeopleCode Secrets.

I would love to create a project on SourceForge for this code.  There are so many things that you could do with it.  I would love to index the PeopleCode in the system to make searching and refactoring easier.  Oh well, maybe one day.

2 Responses to “PeopleCode Decoder”

  1. PassPortGeek Says:

    Thank you for suggesting SourceForge. I’ve started the process of starting a project and so far am very impressed with SourceForge. Don’t expect too much progress until the Pacific Northwest’s rainy season sets in…and skiing isn’t possible…and it’s too wet for bicycling…

    Regards, PassPortGeek

  2. digitaleagle Says:


    Great! I am glad that you like the idea.

    I haven’t done a lot with SourceForge yet, but here is some documentation I threw together: . You are probably already past that point, but maybe it would help.

    As far as the rainy season, why don’t you move down here to Florida? We are definitely in the rainy season thanks to Hurricane Fay. You also don’t have to worry about skiing year round! Just kidding — enjoy your seasons.

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