Change Assistant Error

Here is an error that I ran across and how I fixed it.

Error in EMHub error log:

<Jul 17, 2008 2:53:48 PM EDT> <Notice> <Stdout> <000000> <WARN [ACTIVE] ExecuteT
hread: ‘0’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’ EMF_CATEGORY – Una
ble to register peer com.peoplesoft.emf.peer:id=2 with the EMHub>

Error that PSAgent gives:

ERROR main EMF_CATEGORY – Error while connecting to ‘http://pserv01:8000/PSEMHUB /hub’.
ERROR main EMF_CATEGORY – Error: Internal Exception: – Error registering peer
ERROR main EMF_CATEGORY – Error while connecting to server – retrying attempt 1

The fix was to reset the GUI


select GUID from PSOPTIONS



Then, you need to restart the application server and the web server.


Setting Up Change Assistant


One Response to “Change Assistant Error”

  1. Erol Irez Says:

    We faced the same problem here. Thanks to your post we fixed the incessant log entries.
    After searching ORacle support for keywords “psoptions” and “guid” we noticed 10 Change Assistant (‘E-CA’) cases where the warning came up: set your GUID to blank and recrawl in order for peoplesoft to generate a new, unique, GUID.
    Ironically, it was easier to find your solution using Google than finding it on Oracle Support.
    Thanks for the refresher!

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