Customer Connection

Customer Connection is set to migrate to MetaLink3 not this weekend but the next.  Currently, you should be logging into the new MetaLink3 and making sure that you have access.  That way you are ready for the change.

Change is always exciting, and I am hoping that this new site provides users an easier-to-use interface.  I always had trouble searching through the old Customer Connection.  Currently, it is hard to tell because none of the customer connection information exists in the new system.

I haven’t read all of the documentation yet, and so, I probably shouldn’t be commenting yet, but I first thought that Oracle was combining MetaLink and Customer Connection.  But, why do we have two separate systems?  From what I can tell, I will have to access MetaLink for my Oracle patches and MetaLink3 for PeopleSoft patches.

Another thing I found funny was that the Customer Connection Login page does not have a note or warning about the change.  Since the change is only a couple of weeks away, I would have thought I would see something reminding me.

I did find a thread going for comments on the changes.  Please share your comments.


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