Query Tool that includes Meta-SQL

Once I learned about SQL Developer, I switched from using Toad as my Query Tool.   If I were to improve one thing though, it would be that the query tool understand Meta-SQL.  Now, if I copy SQL from PeopleSoft, say from an Application Engine, I have to remove all of the Meta-SQL tags that PeopleTools understands before I can run it.  Then, I have to replace them before copying back to PeopleTools.

I have thought about trying to write an extension for SQL Developer.  Does anyone know of any documentation about writing extensions or plug-ins for SQL Developer?  This might be a place to start.  Another route I have thought about is an open source tool called Squirrel SQL hosted on Source Forge.  It looks like it has a way to write plug-ins or extensions, but I haven’t been able to get it to connect to any of my databases yet.  To be fair, I haven’t given it a thorough run-through yet.

If you have any ideas or information, please let me know.

2 Responses to “Query Tool that includes Meta-SQL”

  1. James Says:

    One can also use the PeopleCode Editor to resolve Meta-SQL syntax and copying the SQL text from the Results pane instead.

  2. Jim Marion Says:

    digitaleagle, James says you can resolve meta-sql in the PeopleCode editor. I think James meant the SQL editor. From within the SQL editor in an AE or in an SQL defn, right-click and choose resolve Meta-SQL. Of course, this won’t resolve AE’s %Bind(), %Select(), etc, but it gets most of it right.

    I have been considering a Meta-SQL project for Java as well. I think it is an outstanding idea. Just as good, I would like to see PeopleSoft expose the Meta-SQL pre-processor as some type of service. If you are a PeopleSoft customer and need this for some functionality, I would encourage you to enter it as an enhancement request in MetaLink (Customer Connection).

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