PeopleSoft HCM9.1/PeopleTools 8.50 Virtual Images

Back in September, I talked about Virtual Images from Oracle.  Well, I have downloaded the images and started tinkering with a little bit.  It’s not much, but here is what I have so far.

You can download the images from:

The images are compressed multiple times.  If you are in Windows, I would recommend using 7-zip for extracting.  WinZip will probably do the trick too.  In, Linux, FileRoller did the trick for me.  The unzip and tar commands would do just as well.

Here are the sizes that I found:

Application/Batch Server

  • = 3.6 GB
  • Extracts to OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_AB85002_HCM91_PVM.tgz = 3.6 GB
  • Extracts to folder: OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_AB85002_HCM91_PVM = 13.9 GB

Web Server

  • = 2.0 GB
  • Extracts to OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_PIA85002_PVM.tgz = 2.0 GB
  • Extracts to folder OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_PIA85002_PVM = 9.9 GB


This one is a little more complicated because it came in two parts.

Part 1 = 3.4 GB

Extracts to OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz.1of2 = 3.5 GB

Part 2 = 3.2 GB

Extracts to OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz.2of2 = 3.3 GB


cat OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz.1of2 OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz.2of2 > OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz

OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz = 6.8 GB

This extracted to the folder OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM = 55.6 GB

You could save yourself some disk space by piping the cat output directly to tar (I didn’t test this):

cat OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz.1of2 OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_HCM91_PVM.tgz.2of2 | tar -xz

Cat is a Linux/Unix command.  I am not sure how you would do that in Windows.

Now, that you have them extracted, the next step is to get them booted.  I didn’t try to install the Oracle VM or Xen.  My plan is try to get them to run in Virtual Box, but I haven’t accomplished that yet.  More on that to come.  I hope the file sizes and such help for now.

One Response to “PeopleSoft HCM9.1/PeopleTools 8.50 Virtual Images”

  1. Nicolas Gasparotto Says:

    Using these images in Virtual Box could be a nice workaround of Oracle VM, I did not tested it though.
    Good luck.

    Looking forward your install.


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