PeopleSoft Moodle Interface

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I ran across this article recently, and it reminded me that I wanted to mention a project I just completed not too long ago.  I was asked to write an interface from PeopleSoft to Moodle.

At a high level, the interface was pretty simple.  Moodle was configured to allow logon security from LDAP.  Then, we we setup a view that told Moodle what courses to create based on enrollment data in PeopleSoft.  We created a screen to enable and disable a group of courses such as online courses based on term.  Then, we created another screen for an instructor to enable individual courses based on the instructor’s preference.

I heard some talk about implementing this interface at other schools, and I was curious how much interest was out there for this kind of thing.  If you are interested or have some thoughts, please leave me a comment.  Let me know if you are interested in some consulting on this, and I can put you in touch with our sales rep.

3 Responses to “PeopleSoft Moodle Interface”

  1. Prashant Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for the article.

    We’re currently at the drawing board stage and a mention of PeopleSoft Campus and moodle integration has cropped up. Would like to understand the kind of integration that was done and also, we’re planning to link student profiles with other online learning portals


    • Stephen aka DigitalEagle Says:


      The integration was pretty simple. I believe Moodle has a feature where it would look through a database link to see if a student has access to or is enrolled in a course. They already had LDAP integrated so the student’s login was handled that way. We just created a view that listed the students who should show up in each course for Moodle’s purposes. We also created some online pages to allow users to control when students show in the view for each course.

      The alternative is the new SAIP product that Oracle seems to be pushing. I don’t currently have too much experience with it, but I have heard a number of people talking about it.

      I hope that helps,


  2. Abhay Says:


    how we can authenticate an employee from LDAP, assuming that the employee is active in peoplesoft

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